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Chemistry Quiz ans

If BUN is 32 and creatinine is 1.1, what does it point to? Heart failure
What chemical is associated with the Jaffe Reaction? Alkaline picric acid
What can result in an increase in plasma urea concentration? A decrease in renal blood flow
If BUN is 120, Creatinine is at 4.0, uric acid is 9.0, and decrease in Creatinine clearance and urine pH, what is the cause? Gout and post renal azotemia and uric acid stones.
Why would you measure creatinine clearance? To examine urine creatinine level
What does the protein pad measure on a urine dipstick? Mainly albumin
Significance of Selenium? it is a constituent of glutathione peroxidase and is associated with vitamin E.
Best specimen for zinc measurements? Plasma
Molybdenum cofactor in electron transfer reactions
Chromium role in glucose tolerance
Manganese growth and development
What blood gas parameter can be affected if a bubble is in the blood? pCO2
What blood gas parameter is changed if venous blood is taken? pO2
What can cause an increase in calcitonin? C-cell hyperplasia
In which hepatitis will 50% progress to cirrhosis? Hepatitis C
Which hepatitis will lead to hepatocellular cancer? Hepatitis B
ADH is secreted from where? Hypothalamus
What does the insulin tolerance test measure? GH
What test can confirm a pituitary disorder? Thyrotropin test
Where in the adrenal gland is androstenedione secreted from? The R zone
What happens to the cortisol level in Cushing's syndrome from 8am to 8pm? Cortisol levels will be unchanged.
Kallman's syndrome results in what? GnRH discharge of gonadotropins from anterior pituitary gland
What does estriol monitor/detect? fetal down syndrome
What does estridial measure? Assesses ovarian function
Significance of DHEAs? screen for hirsutism and virilization
What happens to estrogen and inhibin during menopause? They will decrease
What is the best specimen for BNP in evaluating congestive heart failure? EDTA
Which part of the kidney is most important for regulation of plasma electrolytes and acid-base balance? Distal convoluted tubule
How is plasma acid-base concentration regulated? Sodium is actively and passively exchanged with hydrogen ions
What does lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase do? Form cholesterol esters in circulation
What cause ketosis in diabetes mellitus? Excess acetyl-CoA being diverted to form ketone bodies.
What are essential fatty acids? Fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body
What factor influences creatinine clearance? muscle mass
What demographic displays increased creatinine excretion? Adult males
What condition can result in increased BUN? glomerularnephritis
How much protein is in CSF normally compared to serum? CSF contains <1% that of serum
What condition would arise with a BUN of 61 and Creatinine of 2.5? indicates a urinary tract obstruction
Which lipoprotein contains highest amount of protein? HDL
What lipoprotein would cause milky looking serum or plasma? chylomicrons
Which lipoprotein is the major carrier of cholesterol to peripheral tissues? LDL
What is oncotic pressure? ability of plasma proteins to maintain plasma water volume
What is the correct collection and handling for blood ammonia specimens? draw heparin tube, keep on ice, and test immediately
What occurs in uremia? Increased serum level of urea and creatinine with failure of 3 main functions of the renal system
What is the primary area of reabsorption in the kidneys? proximal convoluted tubule
Created by: Mirielles