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Angel Cervantes, SFS B4, topic

Sam placed Frightful where, when he fell asleep after getting her. nest of buttercups
Female nestlings are larger than male nestlings
According to Sam, Peregrine falcon's are known as the pride of kings
Mr. Riley's three-legged dog chased chickens
It took Sam how many tries, the first time after Bill taught him how to build a fire. three
In the summer, Sam enjoyed eating frogs' legs, turtles, and rabbit
Sam made his bed from ash trees
Hemlock trees usually grow around mountain streams and springs
What do May apples taste like? a very sweet banana
When Sam awoke after his first night in the Catskills, he went toward the road and found a house
Sam's dad wanted to run away to Singapore
Bill helped Sam by teaching him? how to keep the tinder glowing while adding twigs.
Sam decided to build hemlock house by? Burning out its cavity
Sams biggest problem on his first night in the mountains was? his inability to get a fire started.
Sam was worried about removing the falcon nestling from its nest because he was afraid that the mother falcon would attack him
The Baron was a weasel
To take very long steps strode
Capable of being burned combutible
Who gave Sam a haircut? Ms. Turner
Sam named the falcon Frightful because his frightful experience getting the falcon
What did Sam use, the first time, he tied his two whittled twigs together? green bark
Ms. Turner helped Sam by discovering where Great-Grandpa's farm was located
Sam ran away to the Catskills because his home was crowded
Choose which of the following Sam has not tried to eat while living in the wild. salmon
Sam was annoyed with the Little Old Lady because she was picking strawberries from his patch
Created by: AngelCervantes



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