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Lightning Thief 2

Lightning Thief Section 2

Furies 3 worst monsters
Anaklusmos, "Riptide" Percy' s pen that turns into a sword, will ALWAYS find its way back to Percy
River Styx the river that the Big-Three swear by
Real reason Percy takes the Quest to get his mother back
Nectar and Ambrosia cures half-blood injuries - lethal to mortals
Medusa old woman in a long black gown that covered her body and face - has a head of snakes - will turn you into a statue if you look into her eyes
Grover's Dream to find the god Pan
Percy't is in the newspapers because he is a suspect in his mother's disappearance
Echnida mother of the monsters
Ares cruel biker - no eyes only empty sockets with fire flowing in them
Who was there when Thalia was killed Grover, Luke, Annabeth
Embedded stuck in something, difficult to get out
Nostalgic a sentimental yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time, or situation.
Deceitful misleading, coniving
realization bring vividly to mind
inhaling taking a deep breath
Zeus God of Olympus
Poseidon God of the Sea
Hades God of the Underworld
Pan master of the Satyrs, protects the wild places of the earth
abyss a deep darkness
drachmas ancient Greek coins
treacherous dangerous
mortality able to die
riveted to hold the attention of a person
proposition a plan or scheme
Created by: cbeltrani
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