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Williams Consumer Ed

What is investing? Putting money to work so that it makes even more money for you over time.
What does the term volatile mean when it comes to investing? The value can swing up and down often and can change suddenly and drastically.
What is diversification? The strategy for making a variety of investments in different areas to reduce risk.
What factors influence the amount of social security benefits you receive? (3 things) How long you work, that age at which you apply to benefits, and your earned income.
What kind of information does a company's annual report provide? ( 3 things) a summary of detailed financial data, a summary of the companies goals, a summary of results from the previous year.
Which type of stock fund normally holds the highest risk? aggressive growth funds
What is a mutual fund? A group of investments that is held in common by many individual investors.
What is estate planning? The process of making legal and financial arrangements for how one's property should be administered before and after death.
Created by: ebonyw411