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Grundwortschatz 7-10

Voctivity Stark Grundwortschatz Unit 7-10

activity athelete
athletics attractive
to attract ball game
bat to be fun
to be on a team boxing
canoeing to breathe
to celebrate changing rooms
to cheer competition
competitor crowd
to dive cycling
equipment exciting
favourite fight
gymnastics hero
heroine indoor
to join to keep fit
to kick somebody off a team match
outdoors physical education (PE)
to practice rule
score skateboarding
spectator to support
success sweat
ticket tracksuit
trainers victory
Watch out! to work out
abroad accommodation
ambulance airport
accident arrival
departure tourist attraction
boarding pass to book
to take a break bus stop
campsite to change trains
public transportation congested roads
crowded delay
destination double-decker
driver's license engine
expensive cheap
to fasten one's seatbelts ferry
to go sightseeing inhabitant
journey non-smoking
passenger passport
gas station / petrol station platform
population price
railway / train reservation
to return road works
to run out of something rush hour
to be seasick speed limit
traffic jam traffic lights
tram tube / subway
weather forecast advertisement
advice aim
application ambitious
apprentice apprenticeship
to attend school to be employed
unemployment carpenter
colleague company
to complain confused
contract decision
CV (curriculum vitae) easy
income to earn
minimum wage experience
foreigner foreign
full-time improvement
to improve to interrupt
mainly manager
money to offer
office hours (OR) opening hours part-time job
pay rise to prefer
to protect proud
reason shop assistant
to suggest workshop
advantage disadvantage
to afford all over the world
mobile phone to connect
to enter to exit
(tuition) fees file
harmful headline
invention latest
to look up to own something
opinion popular
to practice to repeat
size skill
spelling mistake to switch on
to switch off waste of time
to waste
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