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Common illnesses

Being sick and prevention

ill enfermo
sound and safe sano y salvo
health salud
illness enfermedad (general)
disease enfermedad (específica)
asthma asma
chickenpox varicela
heart attack infarto
heart disease cardiopatía
flu gripe
cold resfriado
cough tos, toser
sneeze estornudar
have a temperature tener fiebre
hepatitis hepatitis
ulcer úlcera
mumps paperas
wound herida (por un arma)
injury herida
blood sangre
hospital hospital
doctor médico
nurse enfermero
family doctor médico de cabecera
pill pastilla
prescription receta médica
vaccine vacuna
painful doloroso
hurt doler
bandage venda
band aid tirita
pain killer analgésico
painless indoloro
crutch muleta
plaster yeso
wheelchair silla de ruedas
accident accidente
x-rays radiografía
bruise cardenal, moretón
to feel good sentirse bien
sore throat dolor de garganta
toothache dolor de dientes
stomach ache dolor de barriga
to have a rush tener erupciones, sarpullido
to have spots tener granitos
to have a black eye tener un ojo morado
to be tired estar cansado
to be exhausted estar exhausto
to feel dizzy estar mareado
walk-in centre ambulatorio donde te atienden enfermeros /as y donde no hace falta estar empadronado para que te atiendan
to pass out desmayarse
to faint desmayarse
to feel sick sentir náuseas
to blow one's nose sonarse la nariz
diarrhoea diarrea
to get burnt quemarse
to be constipated estar estreñido
to lose one's appetite perder el apetito
to be allergic to ser alérgico a
to twist one's ankle torcerse el tobillo
to suffer from padecer de
to vomit / throw up vomitar
to swell hincharse
to sprain one's ankle tener un esguince en un tobillo
to take an aspirin tomar una aspirina
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