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Do Not Pass Go Terms

6th Grade ELA EOG Terms

Affect (verb) Have an effect on; A result or consequence of a cause
Assumption A fact or statement you believe most find true
Attitude A particular feeling or way of thinking about something
Central Idea The author's point; what the selection is mostly about
Claim To state as a fact about an issue
Context The parts of something written or spoken that are near a certain word or group of words and that help to explain its meaning
Contribute To have a part in bringing about something
Develop To create and grow ideas
Effect (noun) A result or consequence of a cause
Emphasize Make something more clearly defined
Exception A case where a rule does not apply
Figurative Language Words used to compare that are different from the literal meaning
Impact To have a strong effect on someone or something
Infer Using prior knowledge and textual evidence to make a reasonable guess
Metaphor A figurative language device that makes a comparison of two things by saying one thing is another
Objective Dealing with facts without feelings
Personification Giving human-like qualities to a non-human thing
Point of View An attitude or way of considering something; perspective
Purpose The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists
Quotation A group of words taken from the text
Refer Mention or make a reference to
Selection A reading passage
Significant Important
Simile A figurative language device that makes a comparison of two things using the words "like" or "as"
Stanza A group of lines in a poem
Statement A definite or clear expression in writing
Suggest To propose as an idea or possibility
Summarize Give a brief statement of the main points
Supports Details that uphold an idea
Theme The message about life a text teaches the reader
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