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Voctivity mit dem Grundwortschatz Basiswissen von Stark

mug tool
entrance cutlery
divorce relative
elevator improve
upstairs to have a cough
lazy dictionary
nurse to look forward to
busy income
to treat height
to prepare to look after
to move similar
different to be on time
average to brush one's teeth
dust to give birth
date of birth to get engaged
niece nephew
aquaintance wedding anniversary
husband armchair
apartment block of flats
plate curtain
carpet stove/cooker
dishes to load the dishwasher
household housework
scissors pet
rubbish spoon
fork knife
storey tidy
toolbox ankle
blind beard
bald breath
cold catch a cold
chin dentist
nurse elbow
to examine to feel sick
pain lungs
cancer to recover
throat thumb
slim toe
tongue cake
care about to catch a bus
cereal to clear up / to tidy (up)
to clean comfortable
daytime domestic
to dry to get dressed
hospital honey
jam hungry
nighttime postman
to prepare to repair
to ride a bike A-levels
to achieve annoyed
to argue to be in charge of
to bully to borrow
chalk classmate
disappointed to do well
to drop out of school to enter
example exchange program
foreigner refugee
grade history
to improve to interrupt
to leave noisy
to take notes oral
page to pass
project pupil
question school uniform
school trip school fees
to speak up speech
to study timetable
increase decrease
Created by: maticiv



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