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Vocab Test 8

Vocab Test 4 second semester Nawrocki

Diffident Adj.- Shy and lacking in self-confidence; showing modest reserve
Salubrious Adj.- Promoting health, healthy
Incipient Adj.- In an early stage of existence, imperfectly formed
Fetter 1. Verb- To confine or restrain 2. Noun- Anything that confines or restrains
Intelligible Adj.- Capable of being understood; in philosophy means it can only be understood by the mind
Scourge Noun- A cause of affliction or calamity: something causing misery or death
Pandemonium Noun- A state of extreme confusion and disorder
Perdition Noun- Refers to hell and eternal damnation; suffering that seems ever-lasting
Obdurate Adj.- Unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn or unyielding
Vaunt Verb- To boast
Ennui Noun- A feeling that combines tiredness and boredom
Culpable Adj.- Deserving blame or censure for being wrong, evil, or injurious
Digress Verb- To lose clarity or turn from the main attention of discussion
Rankle Verb- To irritate or aggravate to the point of causing anger or resentment
Allegory A story with two levels of meaning, one on the surface and one deeper meaning
Plato's Theory of the Forms Theory that there is a visible world and an intelligible world which is made up of ideas and concepts that never change called eternal forms
Epic Poem A long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds usually written in blank verse
Epic Similie An extended simile, as used in the epic poetry of Homer and other writers Tenor: Subject of simile Vehicle: Point of comparison
Invocation of the Muse Prologue that introduces epic poem by praying to or addressing one of the muses asking for inspiration or knowledge. It indicates that the author is working inside traditional form.
Epithet Any word or phrase applied to a person or thing to describe a quality (Physical, familial, occupational, geographical)
In Medias Res "In the middle of things"; The practice of starting a story by plunging into a situation
Epigraph An engraved inscription on a building or statue or a piece of quotation at the beginning of a piece of writing
Sophistry A weak argument
Rebuttal A reply intended to show fault in an opponent's argument
Cross Examination The examination of a witness who has already testified in order to check or discredit the witness' testimony
Plagiarism Taking someone else's words or ideas as if they were your own; not attributing sources
Foil A character that shows qualities that are in contrast with the qualities of another character to highlight those traits
Dis Apart
Sonare To sound
Nom Name
In Not
De Entirely
Fatigare Tire out
Salus Welfare, health
Pan All
Di Apart
Gress To step or walk
Epi Upon
Graph Write
Created by: lopiegabby