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Prophetic of, relating to, or characteristic of one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight; foretelling events
Corporal of the human body ; physical. personal. belonging to the material world
Attire dress, clothing, clothes
Chastise to punish, usually by beating. to criticize severely
Compunctious possessing a strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt; having remorse. having a slight uneasiness or regret
Keen having a fine, sharp edge or point. Intellectually acute; penetrating; trenchant . Acutely sensitive. sharp; vivid, strong. intense, piercing. pungent; acrid
Quell to put down forcibly, suppress, to pacify; quiet
Adage a short maxim or proverb
Mettle inherent quality of character and temperament. courage and fortitude ; spirit
Cleave when followed by to: to stick;adhere Alone: to split or separate, as with an axe. to make or accomplish as if by cutting. to pierce or penetrate
Augment to make (something already developed or well under way_ greater, as in size or extent, expand, enlarge, extend
Rancor bitter, long-lasting resentment deep -seated ill will.
Rebuke n- a sharp criticism; reprimand v- to criticize or reprove sharply; reprimand
Champion to protect or fight for as a champion. to act as a militant supporter of, defend, uphold advocate.
Malevolence malicious behavior, ill will, the desire to cause harm
Pious exhibiting reverence and compliance in the observance of religion; devout
Rue to feel remorse or sorrow; to regret
Avarice the extreme desire to acquire much wealth; greed
Pernicious tending to cause death or serious injury ; deadly; causing great harm; destructive, ruinous, wicked
Confound to cause to become confused; bewilder; defeat, overthrow
Abjure to solemnly take back, to renounce under oath
Blaspheme to speak of God (or something sacred) in an irreverent or impious matter; to utter profane or impious words; talk profanely
Covet to desire eagerly; to wish for, long for; to long for something that belongs to someone else
Equivocation the using of a word in more than one sense ambiguity or uncertainty of meaning in words, misapprehension arising from the authority of terms
Petty having secondary rank or importance; minor, subordinate, having little or no importance or significance
Dismal causing gloom or depression; dreary, characterized by ineptitude, dullness, or a lack of merit
Prowess sill or expertise in a particular activity, bravery in battle
Salutation a polite expression of greeting or goodwill, a gesture of greeting, as a bow or kiss. a word or phrase of greeting
Usurp position or rights of another, by force and without legal right or authority. to take over or occupy physically, such as territory or possessions
Palpable capable of being touched or felt
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