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8th Vocab 23+24

Hoxie - Vocabulary Lessons 23 and 24

appealing adj - having the power to attract or arouse interest
compel v - to force someone to do something; to make neccesary
impel v - to urge to action, usually through moral pressure; to motivate
impulse n - a strong urge or drive
peal n - the loud ringing of bells; a loud sound v - to ring or sound loudly
pelt v - to strike repeatedly, usually by throwing something
propulsion n - the force that drives something forward, or forward motion
pulsate v - to expand and contract, or beat, in a constant rhythm; to vibrate
repeal v - to officially cancel; to take back or withdraw
repulse v - to drive back, or to reject rudely OR to cause feelings of disgust or disapproval
congenial adj - existing at the time of birth; inborn OR occurring in the nature of a person
degenerate v - to become worse adj - deteriorated; worse; having declined
engender v - to start; to bring into existence
gender n - the categories of male, female, or neuter
genealogy n - the record of a person's ancestors; a family tree
generic adj - general; referring to an entire group or class; not specific
genesis n - to origin or beginning
gentry n - people of high social standing; the ruling class
progeny n - a group of children or decendants
regenerate v - to give new life to; to energize OR to replace by growing new tissue
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