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Eng 1 Vocab 23+24

Hoxie - English 1 Vocabulary 23 and 24

composite adj - put together from many different parts n - something put together from many different parts
depose v - to forcefully remove from office of power OR to take testimony form a witness in a lawsuit
exposition n - the systematic explanation of a subject OR a public exhibition
imposition n - something that is newly required OR a burden or unfair demand
impostor n - a person who assumes a false identity
juxtaposition n - placement side by side or close by
opposition n - a resistance; a disagreement
proponent n - a person who argues in support of something; an advocate or a supporter
proposition n - a plan suggested for acceptance; a proposal
repository n - a safe place for storage OR a person who stores or is a source of information or knowledge
detract v - to reduce the value, importance, or quality of something; to take away something desirable
distraction n - something that draws attention away
distraught adj - extremely worried and upset; emotionally agitated
entreaty n - a heartfelt plea or request
extract v - to pull or draw out n - a substance drawn out of something
intractable adj - difficult to manage or control; stubborn OR difficult to remedy, cure, or make better
protracted adj - drawn out in time; made longer
retract v - to pull back OR to withdraw a statement or promise
tract n - an area of land OR a pamphlet or leaflet, usually one with a political or religious theme
traction n - grip or hold; friction between something and the surface on which it moves OR the act of drawing or pulling a load
Created by: mbeiker