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Sport Verbs

Verbs in english

Vencer, ganar (a alguien) To Beat
Hacer rodar,jugar a los bolos To bowl
Coger , atrapar To catch
Hacer trampas, cometer un fraude To cheat
Competir To compete
Empatar To draw. Neither of the team won the game.They drew
Driblar To dribble She dribbled the vall into the goal
Para, dejar de hacer To give up He gave up playing basketball because he has study
Ponerse en forma To get fit She got fit going to the gym last year
Cabecear,golpear con la cabeza To head Owen headed the ball into back of the net
Golpear To hit He hit the ball over the wall
Correr,rodar, despacio To jog He jogs to work every morning
Golpear con el pie,patear,dar una patada To kick He kick the ball very strongly
Tumbar,golpear y tirar To knock out He was knocked our in the first round
Perder To lose They have lost every match this season
Pasar To pass She passed me the ball quite well and I scored
Jugar To play He couldnĀ“t play because of an injury
Competir To race Michael Schumaker had been racing for many years before he retired
Montar a caballo To ride She rode very well
Arriesgar Tor risk Your team risked too much and they lost
Correr To run They ran together for a mile
Navegar To sail That sailor sailed in a big ship
Marcar,puntuar,encestar To score Whe he scored the crown went wilf
Patinar To skate They skated past the finish line
Esquiar To ski She was only happy whe she was skiing
Esprintar To sprint To run as fast as you can a short distances.He sprinted over the fininsh line
Nadar To swin He swam as fast as he could
Placar, agarrar To tackle He was booked when he tackled the goal keeper
Participar To take part in I took part in a race or competition
Empezar (una actividad) To take up He took up playing rugby last week
Lanzar, arrojar To throw He threw the ball very far
Empatar To tie They tied 1:1
Calentar To warm up They warmed up before the match
Ganar To win They won the match 3 nil.
Created by: SportCarlosPerez



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