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Test 11 LA Vocab

Abhor To utterly hate
Absurd Ridiculous
Anthropologist Person who studies mankind
Artifact A hand made object
Bigot One who is not tolerant of others idea
Bizzare Weird
Contemptuous Looking down on someone or something
Entreaty plea, appeal
Fetish A magical object
Imperitive Necessary
Imprudent Unwise
Inanimate Without life
Inviobale Completely Projected
Originate Begin, arise
Prohbition Forbidding of certain actions
Taboo Forbidden
Taint Contaminate
Tradition Long-standing practice
Universal Widespread
Vulnerable Able to be hurt
To get off one's high horse To act like an ordinary person
Of the first water The greatest
Dyed-in-the-wool Set in one's ways
Blue chip A highly valued asset
Analogous Comparable, simmilar
Catastrophic Disasturous
Compensentory Serving to pay back
Decade Ten years
Encunate To utter, proclaim
Gamut Range
Heterogeneous Dissimilar
Inordinate Excessive
Introspecetive Looking into one's feelings
Irascible Irritable
Malajusted Disturbed
Mandate Authoritative command
Mortality Death
Neurotic Having a nervous disorder
Nuetralize Counteract
Pedagogue Teacher
Perpetuate To cause to countinue
Perspicacious Shrewd
Phenomenon Unusual occurance
Susceptable Easily affected
The distaff side Women
On the qui vive On the alert
To get one's back up Become angry
Bring home the bacon Earn a living
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