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Stems list 11-15

crypt hidden
path feeling
plus more
sed sit
contra against
cryptic adj-- having a hidden or mysterious meaning
antipathy noun-- feeling of intense dislike or hatred
surplus noun-- a quantity that is more than needed
sedate adj-- calm, quiet, or composed
contraband noun-- prohibited or illegal items
lent full of
epist knowledge
in not
nomy law
err wander
fraudulent adj-- deceitful; deliberately using trickery to achieve something
epistle noun-- a long, instructive letter
indiscreet adj-- lacking good judgement; rude; offensive
autonomy noun-- independence or freedom of will
errant adj-- deviating from the regular or proper course
rid laugh
ten hold
prob test
ment mind
plat flat
deride verb-- to mock or laugh at in contempt
tenable adj-- capable if being held, maintained, or defended; against dispute
reprobate adj-- without morals; noun-- a person without morals
demented adj-- insane; mentally ill
platitude noun-- a flat or dull remark; a cliche
scen stage
quis ask
muta change
ex out
ap away
transcend verb-- to go beyond; exceed
inquisition noun-- harsh, difficult, and prolonged questioning
mutable adj-- constantly changing; fickle
exalted adj-- raised or elevated
appease verb-- to satisfy or relieve
sacro holy
simul false
sanct holy
matr mother
tempor time
sacrilege noun-- the violation of anything held to be sacred
dissemble verb-- to give a false or misleading appearance; conceal the truth
sanctimonious adj-- showing religious devotion or piety that is usually false
matronly adj-- having the qualities of a dignified, strong, mature woman
extemporaneous adj-- done with advanced preparation; off-the-cuff
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