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Munich Vocab: 7-L10

The Arts

aesthetic (a) A standard of artistic beauty (b) referring to artistic beauty or the appreciation of good taste
artisan A craftsperson; a skilled manual laborer
audition A tryout; a short performance given to try out for a part in a show
ceramics Objects made from clay or other combinations of minerals baked at high temperature
encore An additional performance demanded by an audience immediately after a program
medley A group of excerpts from musical pieces blended into one longer number
mural A large image on a wall or ceiling
ornate Heavily and often excessively decorated
palette (a) A thin board on which an artist mixes paint of different colors (b) The range of colors used in a painting or by an artist
pantomime (a) Acting that uses gestures and facial expressions without speech (b) To express without speaking
Created by: mrKsped