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Laz Stems 16-20

Modified list of 10 stems each

Anglo English
saur lizard
pithec ape
calli beautiful
chiro hand
flu flow
cracy government
mania madness
ize make
somn sleep
quadr four
lingu tongue
mot move
nav ship
sis condition
par equal
quin five
socio society
ovi egg
pter wing
phan appearance
cardio heart
cosmo world or universe
counter against
cranio skull
sept seven
fore front
less without
nesia island
let little
nano billionth
pulse drive
calor heat
sol sun
nuc center
mont mountain
kilo thousand
myria many
di two
ophthal eye
rub red
mela black
foli leaf
orb circle
multi many
ign fire
hemi half
grade step
digit finger
plasm form
narco sleep
Created by: Freshmensphs



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