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Raisin Vocab

Raisin in the Sun Vocabulary

Walter Lee Younger Main Protagonist of the play
Beneatha "Bennie" Younger Ruth's daughter and Walter's sister
Lena Younger ("Mama") The matriarch of the family
Ruth Younger Walter's wife and Travis's mother
Travis Younger Water and Ruth's son
Joseph Asagai Nigerian student who is in love with Beneatha
George Murchison Wealthy African-American man who courts Beneatha
Mr. Lindner Main antagonist of the play and the only white character. He wants the Youngers to leave the neighborhood.
Bobo One of Walter's partners in the liquor store plan.
Audience The people who watch a performance of a drama
Script Written dialogue and stage directions that create the action of the play
Setting Where and when the action of the play takes place; also, the arrangement of furniture and props on the stage.
Plot What HAPPENS in the play
Character Any person who appears in the play
Theme The larger idea that the playwright wants the audience to learn; the "big idea" of the play
Lorraine Hansbury Author of "A Raisin in the Sun"
Langston Hughes Major poet of the Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance An African-American cultural movement of the 1920s and 1930s, centered in Harlem, that celebrated black traditions, the black voice, and black ways of life.
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