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Test 10 LA Vocab

Megalomania Desire for money
Profligate Wasteful
Strife Argument, Dissagrement
Legion A large number
Coup Revolution
To Play Possum To try to fool someone`
Amnesty General Pardon
Expatriate An Exile
Exonerate To free from guilt
Fiat An official order
Mendacious Lying
Idiom: It's an ill wind that blows nobody good Someone who benefits from others misfortune
Parcimonious Someone who hoards money
Pecuniary Financial
Dismantle Take Apart
Sumptuous Lavish
Underwrite Agree to finance
Idiom: To know the ropes To be fully acquainted with the procedures
Restrictive Confining
Balk To refuse to move
Blunt Plain Spoken
Nostalgia Yearning for the past
Rife Widespread
Idiom: Behind the eight ball In trouble
Reviled Scolded
Derogatory Making fun of
Indict Accuse
Nebulous Unclear, Vague
Pesky Annoying
Idiom: Left Holding the Bag To be left to suffer the blame
Redolent Fragrant
Repose State of rest
Omnivorous Eating any kind of food
Disparate Different
Abstemious Moderate in eating or drinking
Idiom: A lick and a promise To do something in a hasty and superficial manner.
Created by: 203681