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5th Grade Vocab

LA vocab

blunder (v.) to make a foolish or careless mistake; to move clumsily and carelessly
cancel (v.) to call off or do away with; to cross out with lines or other marks to show that something cannot be used again
continuous (adj.) going on without a stop or break
distribute (v.) to give out in shares; to scatter or spread
document (n.) a written or printed record that gives information or proof (v.) to give written or printed proof; to support with evidence
fragile (adj.) easily broken or damaged, requiring special handling or care
myth (n.) an old story that explains why something is or how it came to be; something imaginary
reject (v.) to refuse to accept, agree to, believe, or use
scuffle (v.) to fight or struggle closely with
solitary (adj.) living or being alone; being the only one
temporary (adj.) lasting or used for a limited time
veteran (n.) a former member of the armed forces; an experienced person
abandon (v.) to give up on completely; to leave with no intention of returning
assault (n.) a violent attack
convert (v.) to change from one form to another
dispute (v.) to argue, debate, quarrel over; to question or doubt the truth of
impressive (adj.) having a strong effect, commanding attention
justify (v.) to show to be fair or right; to give good reasons for
misleading (adj.) tending to give a wrong idea, often on purpose
numerous (adj.) many or very many
productive (adj.) making or capable of making large amounts of; giving good results
shrewd (adj.) showing clever judgment and practical understanding
strategy (n.) a carefully made plan or plot; a plan of military operations
villain (n.) an evil or wicked person or character, especially in a story
bluff (adj.) direct and outspoken in a good-natured way (n.) a steep, high cliff or bank; an attempt to fool someone (v.) to deceive or trick; to try to fool others by putting on a confident
cautious (adj.) avoiding unnecessary risks or mistakes
consist (v.) (used with of) to be made up of
despise (v.) to look down on intensely or feel contempt for, dislike strongly
haven (n.) a safe place
miniature (n.) a very small copy, model, or painting (adj.) on a very small scale
monarch (n.) a person who rules over a kingdom or empire
obstacle (n.) something that gets in the way
postpone (v.) to put off until later
straggle (v.) to stray off or trail behind; to spread out in a scattered fashion
treacherous (adj.) likely to betray; seemingly safe but actually dangerous
vivid (adj.) bright and sharp, giving a clear picture; full of life
aggressive (adj.) quick to fight or quarrel, tending to violence; bold and forceful, determined
associate (v.) to join or be together as partners, allies, or friends; to link in one's mind, connect (n.) a partner, friend (adj.) having less than full rank
deceive (v.) to trick or lead a person into believing something that is not true
emigrate (v.) to leave one's home country or area to live in another
flexible (adj.) able to bend without breaking; able to change or to take in new ideas
glamour (n.) mysterious charm, beauty, or attractiveness
hazy (adj.) unclear, misty; not readily seen or understandable
linger (v.) to stay longer than expected, be slow in leaving; to go slowly or take one's time
luxurious (adj.) providing ease and comfort far beyond what is ordinary or necessary
mishap (n.) an unfortunate but minor accident
overwhelm (v.) to overcome by superior force, crush; to affect so deeply as to make helpless
span (n.) the full reach or length, especially between two points in space or time
blemish (n.) a mark or stain that damages the appearance of something; a weakness or flaw
blunt (adj.) having a dull point or edge, not sharp; honest but insensitive in manner (v.) to make less sharp
capable (adj.) able and prepared to do something; fit or skilled
conclude (v.) to finish; to bring something to an end; to decide after careful thought
detect (v.) to find or discover something, notice
fatigue (n.) weariness or exhaustion from work or lack of sleep (v.) to make very tired
festive (adj.) having to do with a feast or celebration
hospitality (n.) a friendly welcome and treatment of guests
nomad (n.) a member of a people who move from place to place; a person who roams aimlessly
persecute (v.) to treat unjustly or cause to suffer
supreme (adj.) highest in power, rank, authority, quality, or degree
transport (v.) to move or carry from one place to another (n.) a vehicle used to move things from place to place; the act or process of moving something from one place to another
accomplish (v.) to do, make happen, succeed in, carry through
apparent (adj.) open to view; easy to understand; seeming to be true or real
capacity (n.) the amount of space that can be filled; ability or skill; office or role
civilian (n.) a person not in a military, police, or firefighting force (adj.) nonmilitary
conceal (v.) to hide or keep secret, to place out of sight
duplicate (v.) to copy exactly; to produce something equal to (adj.) exactly like something else (n.) an exact copy
keen (adj.) having a sharpened edge; quick and sharp in thought or in sight, hearing or smell; eager
provoke (v.) to annoy or make angry, stir up; to do something in order to get a response
spurt (v.) to shoot out quickly in a stream; to show a burst of energy (n.) a sudden, short stream of fluid; a quick burst of activity
undoing (n.) a bring to ruin or destruction; the cause of ruin; unfastening or loosening
vast (adj.) very great or very large
withdraw (v.) to pull out or remove; to move back or away, retreat
barrier (n.) something that blocks the way; an obstacle
calculate (v.) to find out by using mathematics or reasoning; to reckon, estimate
compose (v.) to be or make up the parts of, form; to create or write; to calm or quiet one's mind
considerable (adj.) fairly large in size or extent; worthy of attention
deputy (n.) one chosen to help or take the place of another or to act in that person's absence
industrious (adj.) busy, working steadily
jolt (v.) to shake up roughly; to move along in a jerky or bumpy fashion (n.) a sudden bump or jerk; a shock or surprise
loot (v.) to rob by force or violence, especially during war or time of unrest (n.) valuable things that have been stolen or taken by force
rejoice (v.) to feel joy or great delight; to make joyful
reliable (adj.) deserving trust, dependable
senseless (adj.) lacking meaning, stupid or foolish; without use of the senses
shrivel (v.) to shrink and wrinkle, especially from heat, cold or dryness
alternate (v.) to do, use, or happen in successive turns; to take turns (n.) a person acting or prepared to act in place of another; a substitute (adj.) happening or appearing in turns; every other; being a choice between tow or more things
demolish (v.) to tear down, break to pieces
energetic (adj.) active and vigorous, full of energy, forceful
enforce (v.) to force obedience to
feat (n.) an act or deed that shows daring, skill or strength
hearty (adj.) warm and friendly; healthy, lively, and strong; large and satisfying to the appetite
mature (v.) to bring to or reach full development or growth (adj.) fully grown or developed
observant (adj.) watchful, quick to notice; careful and diligent
primary (adj.) first in importance, first in time or order; basic, fundamental (n.) an early election that narrows the choice of candidates who will run in a final election
resign (v.) to give up a job, an office, or a right or claim
strive (v.) to devote much energy or effort try hard
verdict (n.) the decision of a jury at the end of a trial or legal case; any decision
brisk (adj.) energetic, lively, fast; cool and fresh
cherish (v.) to feel or show great love for; to value highly; to take special care of
considerate (adj.) showing concern for the needs or feeling of others
displace (v.) to force to move or flee; to move out of position
downfall (n.) a sudden fall from power or position; a sudden, heavy snow or rain
estimate (v.) to form a rough judgment about size, quantity, or value (n.) a rough calculation; a careful guess
humiliate (v.) to hurt someone's self-respect or pride
identical (adj.) exactly the same, alike in every way
improper (adj.) not correct; showing bad manners or taste
poll (n.) a collecting of votes; (usually plural) a place whear voting takes place; a collecting of opinions (v.) to receive votes; to vote; to question people to collect opinions
soothe (v.) to make calm; to ease pain or sorrow
vicinity (n.) the area near a place, the surrounding region
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