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Facs Vocab


Wardrobe It is all of the clothing and accessories you wear. It’s a collection of all of your clothing. You might have seasonal wardrobes - your winter wardrobe
Wardrobe Inventory It is an itemized list of all of your clothing and accessories. So, basically if you listed out all of the different pieces you have (your different shirts, pants, jewelry, hats - whatever). It helps for you to know what you own.
Fashion A style that is popular at a given time.
Style A distinctive type of dress or design. Skinny jeans would be a style. Dressing for winter€ would be a style. Dressing in athletic wear would be a style.
Classic Style Classic styles stay in fashion for a long time. Something like a black dress or button down shirt would be an example of this. Classic styles aren’t really trendy, they’re timeless and won’t go out of style any time soon.
Fad Styles These are only popular for a short period of time. An example might be Crocs. They are trendy...temporarily.
Labels/Hangtags They tell you what to expect from a garment (like what fabric it is made of) and how to take care of it (directions for washing it properly).
Comparison Shopping It is shopping at different stores to find clothing that fits your needs, style and budget - compare the stores, then make a decision based on what best fits your needs
What should you consider when comparison shopping? Consider price, quality and fit.
What are accessories? Any add ons to clothing outfits; belts, hats, ties etc.
What is Standards of dress? Social influences defining appropriate dress. This is pretty much a dress code - whats socially acceptable or unacceptable to wear. So, for school, shorts that are super short would be an example of NOT respecting the standards of dress.
Where can you buy apparel? -Department stores (Macys, Belk). -Speciality stores (Lids, Rack Room, Dress Barn). -Discount stores (Target, Walmart). -Factory Outlet stores (Tanger Outlets). -Thrift stores or yard sales -Catalogs or electronic shopping (shopping online)
What is apparel? Clothing
What to consider about outfits when shopping? -Well-designed outfits are visually pleasing. -The clothing items look like they belong together.
Monochromatic makes a person look... Taller
Monochromatic Variations of a single hue on the color wheel (wearing all the same color). Ex Light Blue shirt and Blue jeans
Analogous Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel Ex. Red and Orange
Complementary Colors that are opposite or contrasting. Make each color look brighter and more intense. Ex. Red and Green
Complementary colors make people look... Shorter
Created by: Jutamar