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Eng I Vocab 21+22

Hoxie - Vocabulary Lessons 21 and 22

arid adj - dry; desert-like OR lacking feeling or interest
dearth n - a scare supply; an insufficiency of
devoid adj - completely without something; lacking in
excerpt n - a portion taken from a longer work v - to take a portion from a longer work
exhaustive adj - complete; including or considering all possibilities
integral adj - essential or necessary parts of a whole
paltry adj - very small and insignificant; lacking in importance
plethora n - an excess of something; great abundance
replenish v - to add to or fill up again
scant adj - barely enough or sufficient; falling short in supply
ascribe v - to identify in causing something; to attribute to
circumscribe v - to enclose in a circle; to draw a line around OR to limit the power of
inscribe v - to write, carve, or engrave words on a surface OR to enter into a formal record
nondescript adj - lacking distinctive or individual feature
presribe v - to give or recommend a s a medical treatment or remedy OR to set down a rule; to dictate
proscribe v - to forbid; to prohibit OR to strongly criticize or condemn
scribe n - a person who copies manuscripts and documents
scripture n - sacred writing or books; passages from sacred writings
subscript n - a small letter or number written below and to the right of a letter or number
transcribe v - to make a full written copy of spoken material OR to adapt a song or composition of a voice or instrument other than the original
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