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8th Vocab 21+22

Hoxie - Vocabulary Lessons 21 and 22

brood n - the young of certain animals, especially birds; the children in one family v - to worry, to think about negatively for a long time
cohesive adj - sticking together
descendant n - an individual who can be traced to one ancestor or a group of ancestors
dynasty n - a series of rulers from the same family OR a group or family that maintains power or success for several generations
inheritance n - property or money willed to a person
maternal adj - referring to a mother or motherhood OR related to one's mother
matriarch n - a highly respected older woman; a mother who is head of a family or group
patriarch n - a highly respected older man; a man who is head of a family or group
sibling a brother or sister; one of a group of children of the same parents
abduct v - to carry off by force; to kidnap
conduct v - the lead, guide, run, or manage n - the way a person acts
conduit n - a pipe or channel for transporting or enclosing fluids, gases, or wires OR a means of getting or communicating something
deduce v - to reach a conclusion through logical reasoning
duke n - a nobleman of the highest rank other than prince or king
inducement n - something that tempts or persuades; an incentive
induction n - placement or entry into a club or an office
reduction n - an amount subtracted; the amount that something is lessened OR the act of making something less, smaller, or less significant
subdue v - to conquer or bring under control OR to make less intense or prominent; to tone down
viaduct n - a structure of spans or arches carrying a road or railroads over a wide valley or other road or railroad
Created by: mbeiker