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7th Vocabulary 21&22

Hoxie - Vocabulary Lessons 21 and 22

annihilate v - to destroy completely
contaminate v - to make impure or unclean
corrode v - to dissolve or gradually destroy a medal OR to cause to deteriorate gradually
curtail v - to cut short or reduce
deplete v - to use up or empty out
deteriorate v - to make or become worse; to weaken, decay, or diminish
extinct adj - no longer existing or living
negate v - to make ineffective or invalid; to reverse
rancid adj - smelling or tasting like spoiled oils or fats
squander v - to waste; to spend foolishly or uselessly OR to fail to take advantage of; to lose a good chance to do something
acrophobia n - intense fear of high places
agoraphobia n - intense fear of open or public places
ailurophobia n - great fear or hatred of cats
Anglophile n - a person who has great admiration or fondness for England and it's people
audiophile n - a person very interested in the quality of sound reproduction
bibliophile n - a person who loves, and often collects, books
claustrophobia n - an intense fear of being in small or enclosed spaces
hydrophobia n - an intense fear of water OR the disease of rabies
xenophobia n - hatred or fear of foreign people and places
zoophobia n - intense fear of animals
Created by: mbeiker