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Social Studies vocab

Westward Expansion

Laissez-Faire Political idea that government should play a small role as possible in peoples lives Americans solving their own problems (unless a disaster)
Judicial Review Power of the Supreme Court to decide whether laws made by congress are constitutional
Marbury vs. Madison(1803) Supreme Court case that defined the power of Judicial Review
Louisiana Purchase(1803) Purchase of Louisiana territory from France in 1803 for 15 million dollars
Expedition Long journey or voyage of exploration
Impressment Act of kidnapping and forcing someone to serve in the Navy Only kidnapping sailors
Embargo Ban on trade with another country
Embargo Act (1807) Law that forbid Americans to import or export any goods
Nonintercourse Act(1809) Law that allowed Americans to trade with all nations EXCEPT England and France
Nationalism Pride in one's country
Warhawks Congressman from the south and west who wanted to go to war with England in 1812
The War of 1812 The second war of independence
Treaty of Ghent(1814) Treaty between England and U.S. that ended that war of 1812
Adam's Onis Treaty(1812) Treaty in which Spain gave Florida to the U.S. for $5million
Monroe Doctrine Statement issued in 1823 in which President Monroe warned European nations not to interfere with the newly free Latin American Nations
Suffrage the right to vote Jacksonian Democracy
Mudslinging Political tactic of using insults to attack an opponent's reputation
Spoil System The practice of rewarding one's political supporters with government jobs
Kitchen Cabinet Nickname given to President Jackson's unofficial advisors
Indian Removal Act (1830) law that forced Native American tribes to move west of the Mississippi river
Trail of Tears (1838) Event when 15000 Cherokees were forced by the army to march hundreds of miles west of the Mississippi River, causing 1/4 of the tribe to die along the way.
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