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Forms of Art

el cine movie theater
la taquilla, la boleteria ticket window
la entrada, el boleto admission ticket
la sesion show(ing) (movie)
la cola line
la butaca seat (theater)
la fila row of seats
la pantalla screen
la pelicula, el film film, movie
en version original in its original version
con subtitulos with subtitles
doblado (a) dubbed
el museo museum
la exposicion (art) exhibition
el mural mural
el cuadro painting
la estatua statue
el/ la artista artist
el/ la escultor (a) sculptor
el teatro theater
la escena scene; stage
el escenario scenery, set (theater))
el telon curtain (stage)
el actor actor
la actriz actress
la representacion performace (theater)
la obra teatral play
el publico audience
una diversion cultural cultural event
ver una pelicula ( un espactaculo) to see a show
dar una representacion to give a performance
entrar en escene to come (go) on stage
aplaudir to applaud
salir del teatro to leave the theater
perder el autobus ( la guagua, el camion) to miss the bus
la estacion de metro subway station
el/ la joven young person
delante de in front of
luego later, then
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