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Reading PLUS

Unit 9 Fear

tripped when you miss-stepped; your feet got tangled or caught on something and you stumbled and maybe fell down
visualizing imagining yourself doing something or thinking of what it might be like to do something successfully; seeing yourself doing it
symptoms signs and indicators; for example, if you are sick you might have a runny nose, fever, chills, coughing, sneezing, or be very tired, etc.
mentors people who are more experienced, or older and wiser; teachers, parents, counselors, or older students.
wide-ranging broad, far-reaching, various, of many different kinds
fallible able to fail; imperfect, human/mortal
creepy strange, scary
connoisseur an expert at something in matters of taste; someone who knows a lot about high quality things: china, jewelry, music, coffee, food
fantasy a dream or ideal thing that you imagine but it's not real
gratifying makes you feel satisfied or makes you feel like you did something good (for yourself or someone else)
scared to death very afraid, fearful, terrified
rule out decide something is impossible; eliminate it as a reason or cause
deliberate happens on purpose; opposite of accidentally
land arrive somewhere after traveling by air or sea; opposite of take off (planes)
obsessively can't stop doing something (like Sheldon knocking 3 times on Big Bang Theory)
anxiety a feeling of worry or nervousness
trigger one thing that causes something else (like squeezing your finger on a gun; or causing a chain reaction)
patch a small area of grass, skin, hair, clothing
phobias extreme, powerful fears
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