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Physical Appearance/Personality/Relationships

physical appearance apariencia física
personality personalidad
big grande
small pequeña
fat gordo/a
thin delgado/a
skinny flaco/a
hair pelo (everywhere)/cabello (head)
horse caballo
long largo
short corto
hairy peludo
tall alto
short bajo
median mediano
bald calvo
weight peso
height altura
curly rizado
curly/frizzy crespo
straight liso
freckles pecas
dimples (face) hoyuelos
genuine genuino
authentic auténtico
true verdadero
real real
false falso
sincere sincero
lazy/sloth perezoso
ralations relaciones
friend amigo/a
single sotero
in love/infatuated enamorado
engaged (marriage) comprometido
married casado
tired cansado
divorced divirciado
passed away/died murío
to live together vivir junto
friendship amistad
infatuation/crush enamoramiento
boyfriend/sweetheart/groom novio
girlfriend/sweetheart/bride novia
wedding boda
spouse/husband//wife esposo/a
famous famoso
crazy loco
honest honesto
loyal loyal
funny cómico
liar mentiroso
stingy/ungenerous tacaño
generous generoso
sympathetic/nice simpático
unsympathetic/mean antipático
friendly/cheerful/nice genial
pleasant agradable
divorced divorciado
married casado
relative familiar
dead muerto
widow viudo
coexistence convivencia
kiss beso
hug abrazo
to know (people/places) conocer (yo conozco)
to know/to knowledge saber (yo sé)
to love (people)/ to want querer (e to ie)
to love amar
be born nacer
to die morir
to come venir
to make/be widowed enviudar
to cohabitant cohabitr
to co-live/coexist convivir
to take out sacar
pictures/photos foto
Created by: predpanther56