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Warm Ups 25-30

Brenham Eng III Warm Ups 25-30

shrew a mouse like animal that eats insects; a bad-tempered, nagging woman
lucrative profitable; producing money or wealth
garrulous talking too much, especially about unimportant things
abridged to shorten the number of words; to condense
verbose wordy; using or containing more words than necessary
invokes to call upon a higher power for assistance; to ask or appeal for; to call forth
finality the quality or condition of being complete or settled; conclusiveness
impromptu without previous thought or preparation
supercilious showing scorn and haughtiness; disdainful; aloof or conceited
emendations a correction; a change in a written text
intangible not capable of being touched; not material; v ague or not easily defined
idiomatic characteristic of a particular language
expletive an oath or exclamation, usually profane; a word with no meaning of its own, used to complete the pattern of a phrase or sentence
laconic using few words; brief in speech or expression
bolstered a long narrow pillow; anything used as a support; to prop up, support, or reinforce
reciprocates to give, do or take in return; to move with a backward-forward motion
wistful full of longing; yearning; wishful
furor frenzied anger; rage a public uproar or outburst of indignation; great enthusiasm for
subterfuge a trick, excuse, or deception used to escape something unpleasant
tawdry gaudy; showy and cheap
abridged shorten, abstract, condense, reduce, summarize
emendations change, correction, editing, revisal
finality completeness, entirety, finish, perfection, terminality
garrulous babbling, blabbermouth, chatty, verbose, wordy
impromptu unrehearsed, improvised, ad-lib
invokes appeal, beg, entreat, request, summon
lucrative advantageous, fruitful, profitable, worthwhile
shrew biddy, nag, she-devil, vixen winch
supercilious bossy, cocky, condescending, haughty, proud
verbose garrulous, loquacious, redundant, repetitive, rhetorical, talkative
bolstered aid, boost, reinforce, strengthen, support
expletives curse, cuss word, interjection, oath
furor ado, commotion, craze, mania, uproar
idiomatic colloquial, dialectal, local, natural, vernacular
intangible abstract, elusive, hypothetical, imperceptible, invisible
laconic brief, compact, concise, crisp, curt, terse
reciprocate barter, correspond, match, return, trade
subterfuge artifice, bluff, device, hoax, ploy, trick
tawdry blatant, brazed, crude, offensive sleazy
wistful contemplative, desirous, dreamy, nostalgic, thoughtful
Created by: juliehinds
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