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Verbos infinitivos

Verbs in the infinitive form

to dance bailar
to sing cantar
to swim nadar
to talk hablar
to work trabajar
to listen to escuchar
to study estudiar
to take a walk, a stroll pasear
to ride montar
to skate patinar
to spend time pasar el rato
to surf surfear/navegar
to download descargar
to chat platicar/chartear
to rent alquilar
to watch ver
to draw dibujar
to paint pintar
to rest descansar
to walk caminar
to play (an instrument) tocar
to go ir
to have tener
to be able to poder
to give dar
to read leer
to write escribir
to help ayudar
to protect proteger
to recycle reciclar
to play jugar
to take (photos) sacar
to send mandar
to buy comprar
to sell vender
to save ahorrar
to wear llevar
to carry llevar
to go out salir
to participate participar
to celebrate celebrar
to need necesitar
to want querer
to get married casarse
to get dressed vestirse
to get up levantarse
to wake up despertarse
to know saber
to do/to make hacer
to be ser( profession, physical appearance)
to be estar ( Location,feelings)
to put poner
to start empezar
to start comezar
must, have to deber
to continue continuar
to pay pagar
to visit visitar
to stay quedar/ alojar
to sunbathe tomar el sol
to enjoy disfrutar
to eat comer
to drink beber
to reuse reutilizar
to use utilizar
to smoke fumar
to drive conducir
to go back regresar
to lose/ to miss perder
to remember recordar
to forget olvidar
to book/reserve reservar
to teach enseƱar
to learn aprender
to break romper
to see ver
to talk hablar
to sleep dormir
to start empezar
to start/to commence comenzar
to just finish doing something Acabar de
to take advantage of aprovechar
to appreciate apreciar
one has to/ we have to hay que
to be in favour of estar a favor de
to agree with estar de acuerdo
to believe creer
to allow permitir
to want querer
to look after cuidar
to adore adorar
to close cerrar
to open abrir
to cry llorar
to laugh reir
to love amar
to cut cortar
to clean limpiar
to get divorced divorciarse
to get married casarse
to attend asistir
to lie mentir
to tell the truth decir la verdad
to cross cruzar
to have a good time pasarlo bien
Created by: RDzienis
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