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CT imaging.

Ionic contrast Diatrizocite...metrizoate....Ioxoglate
None Ionic Iopamidol.....Iohexol.....
Pitch Table movement /slice thickness.
Normal Creatine 0.6-1.2 mg/dl
Quantum Noise Number of detected photons.
Contrast media used for byopsys Water soluble iodinated.
Where are the seminal vessels located? Posterior to bladder anterior to rectum and superior to the prostrate gland.
What does PTT measure? Why is it used? An average range for activated PTT is ? Blood coagualtion,invasive procedures byopsi etc. 25-35 sec
Correct angle of IV insertion for vein? 15 degrees
You are giving a IV bolus of 125mls via injector for a delay of 50sec what is your rate of flow? 2.5 mls mlsĂ·flow rate.
CTD1 is used to describe ? Radiation dose to or during scanning.
While interviewing to give contrast you main 2 questions are Allergy history to contrast media and asthma
Which factors affect GFR Age,race,sex
When administering IV contrast which has the greatest overall plasma iodine concentration. Bolus technique .required entire volume over short period of time.
Simple cysts of the kidneys have an HU of 0 to +20
After giving a rapid bolus arterial phase of hepatic contrast enhancement occurs approx 25-35sec.
The abdominal aorta bifurcates at level of and into which arteries? L4 bifurcates into left and right common iliac arteries
On an EGG of a complete cycle which portion of the R-R interval is the heart in dystole 55 -75%
The accumulation of gas such as within the internal disk is called the Nitrogen , Vaccume phenomenon
During a spiral helical exam the scanner aquires data Continuously aquiring data as the patient moves through the gantry acquiring volumetric data containing all attenuation from anatomy scanned.
A brain without is performed without contrast for ? Why. Subderal hematoma increased CT value eliminates the need for contrast .
When scanning for TCC (tranisiinal cell carcinoma) of the bladder which phase best demonstrates renal enhancement Excretory phase ; 3 to 15 minutes delay filling defects within the bladder,ureters and renal pelvis.
CT General survey of neck section width and spacing 3 mm thick every 3mm.
The still viable ischemic tissue that surrounds the infarct core with an acute stroke is known as ? Normal range of CBV Penumbra , 2.5 mL per 100grm of tissue.
HRCT of chest is used to survey the .... Lungs
When doing a PE study this technique can be used to remove unwanted pulsation artifacts from cardiac motion . Retrospective ECG gating.
Explain retrospective gating Scanning throughout the entire cardiac cycle only data from specific user determined portions of the ECG waveform are recontructed and used to create an image.
Venous phase only general abdomen CT is given at a flow rate of 1.0 to 3.0
Diffuse fatty infiltration of the hepatic parenchyma is referred to as Hepatic Steatosis or fatty liver disease
Normal liver HU 10HU anything less then 10 HU less then spleen is considerd steatosis.
30 to 40 sec after injection this phase is known as ....best demintrastes? Corticomedullary phase best demonstrates optimal enhancement of renal cortex from renal medulla .
During CT survey of the brain the gantry should be angled 15 degrees above the (IOML)
When scanning the larynx what letter is the patient instructed to say and why? E",evaluate mobility of vocal cords
Imaging plane parallel to the foots surface is Axial plane is parallel to the foots plantar surface.
The oblique axial plain is parallel to which part of the foot ? Metatarsal 20 to 30 degrees caudaul from direct axial plane.
The intermittent cramping in the legs due to poor circulation is known as Claudation
Complex fractures of the worst are most common in which carpal bones. Scaphoid (navicular).
Prior to CT colonography a bowel cleansing is termed Catharsis.
An entervesicle fistula is communicating between the Bowel and bladder.
This pathological disease process is considered interstitial disease of the lungs. Bronchiectasis,emphysema,abestosis and sarcoidosis.
The cul-de-sac is the. Posterior to the uterus and overiesand coming site for ascites with pelvic pathology.
Pituitary gland and the sella turcica is best demonstrates in which plane? Coronal plane, involves less partial volume averageing.
Most common site for injury due to blunt trauma is the which injuries are most common Spleen , hematoma,hemorrhage,laceration.
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