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Spanish Verbs 1

High Frequency Spanish verbs + translation

To be (essential/permanent quality) ser
To have (to have done something, auxiliary verb) haber
To be (health, location, state of being) estar
To have tener
To do, make hacer
To say decir
To go ir
To see ver
To give dar
To know (information) saber
To want querer
To arrive, come, reach llegar
To pass, to spend time, to happen pasar
To should, to must, to ought to, to owe deber
To put, place, set poner
To seem, appear parecer
To stay, remain quedar
To believe creer
To speak hablar
To carry, bring llevar
To leave, abandon, to let, allow dejar
To follow, to continue seguir
To find, encounter encontrar
To call, to name llamar
To come venir
To think pensar
To leave, to go out salir
To return, go back volver
To take, drink tomar
To know (people, place) be familiar with conocer
To live vivir
To feel (emotionally and physically), to regret sentir
To try, intend, to handle, to treat tratar
To watch, look at mirar
To count, to relate, tell contar
To begin, start empezar
To wait for, to hope esperar
To search for, look for buscar
To exist existir
To enter, go in, come in entrar
To work trabajar
To write escribir
To lose perder
To produce producir
To occur, happen ocurrir
To understand entender
To ask for, request pedir
To receive, to welcome, greet recibir
To remember, remind recordar
To recognize reconocer
Created by: kyle.jensen