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vocab unit 11

alias an assumed name, especially as used to hide ones identity.
distort to give a false or misleading account.
dumbfounded your so amazed you cant speak
extinct no longer in existence or no longer active.
inevitable sure to happen and not avoidable
meteoric resembling a meteor in speed.
parody (N) A humorous or ridiculous imitation.
rend to tear to pieces.
rummage (V) to search through or to investigate.
vandalism deliberate and pointless destruction of private property
amble (V) to walk slowly or stroll.
burly big and strong (muscular)
dogged persistent and stubborn (refuse to give up)
grit (N) very fine sand or gravel
ingrained fixed deeply and firmly; working into the grain or fiber.
prevail to triumph over or to succeed.
relic an object from the past with historical value or interest.
replenish to fill again or to replace.
skimp to save to be thrifty or to give little attention to something.
sleuth a skilled detective
parody (V) to make fun of something by imitating it
rummage (N) an active search or a collection of odd items
Amble (N) an easy place
Grit (V) to grind or to make a grating sound.
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