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Span. Ch 7 Quiz #1

Spanish words and meaning in english

el verano summer
el invierno winter
la temperatura temperature
la nieve snow
la nube cloud
lleve it's raining
nieva it's snowing
hace buen (mal) tiempo the weather is nice (bad)
Hace calor (frio) Accent on the i It's hot (cold)
Hace (Hay) sol it's sunny
nublado cloudy
el balneario seaside (beach) resort
la playa beach
la arena sand
el mar sea
la ola wave
el sol sun
la piscina swimming pool
el surfing surfing
la plancha de vela windsurfing, windsurf boarding
la tabla hawaiana surfboard
el buceo snorkeling
el esqui acuatico (accent on the I and second a) waterskiing
el barquito small boat
el voleibol volleyball
praticar to practice
rentar to rent
pasar to spend time
nadar to swim
bucear to go snorkeling
la toalla towel
el banador (accent on the n) swimsuit
las gafas de sol sunglasses
una crema suntain lotion, sunblock
una camara digital (accent on the a) digital camera
una estacion de esqui (accent on the o and I) ski resort