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Chapter 7

Difference between DP-2 Broad form and the DP-3 Special form is plumbing water damage
The Homeowners Watercraft Endorsement under Section II includes all the following EXCEPT: Use of a boat in a racing competition.
Which of the following would NOT be covered under Section II of Medical Payment to Others? The insured`s pets that are injured on the insured`s property.
Volcanic eruption excludes: none are excluded
Which of the following is true regarding vehicles covered and not covered under Section II? All the insured`s vehicles and trailers towed by the insured are excluded from coverage.
According to the ordinance or law exclusion, which of the following does NOT apply? This coverage is required by state law.
Under HO property additional coverages, what is covered for debris removal expense? Reasonable cost to remove debris after a covered loss.
Liability and Medical Payments are the two major coverages provided in: Section II of the Homeowners form
Jewelry valued at $30,000 is destroyed in a hotel fire in Paris, the HO would: cover up to Coverage C limit
The correct statement regarding landlord furnishings would be: Both covered up to $2500 and excludes the peril of theft are correct
Which DP policies insure Coverage C for broad form perils? Both DP-2 and DP-3
Under HO property additional coverages, what is covered for removal? Property removed from the insured`s premises to protect it from damage due to a covered loss.
Which is not an "other coverage" in the dwelling forms? Volcanic eruption
Which HO endorsement covers loss due to personal injury (false arrest, libel, slander, defamation of character, and invasion of privacy? Personal Injury endorsement
Which is not an exclusion under Coverage A on an HO-3? Damage by a deer
Under Section II of the Homeowners form, what does coverage E (personal liability) cover? This coverage will take affect if a claim is made against the insured for damages due to bodily injury or damage to the property caused by the insured`s negligent acts.
All of the following are major differences between the broad form and the special form EXCEPT: The broad form doesn`t require the 80% coinsurance and the special form does.
Which of the following properties are NOT included in insured locations and residence premises under Section II of the Homeowner`s policy? Insured`s work office space
Under Section II - Additional Coverages, which of the following is NOT included? Medical Payments to Others
Under Section 1 Condition - Loss Settlement on an HO3, which of the following situations shows the insured is covered adequately in the event of a loss? The insured has $80,000 coverage on property worth $100,000.
Which is excluded under Section I and covered under Section II? Animals, birds, or fish
Under HO property coverage earth movement is a general exclusion. Which homeowners policy has done away with the exclusion for concurrent causation regarding this peril? HO 3
The following properties are included as an insured location and/or residence premises for Liability and Medical except: Insured's relative cemetery plot
All of the following are considered an "insured" under Section 1 of the HO 3 EXCEPT: Relatives who share the same last name as the insured.
In the event of a loss, the insured has the responsibility to do all of the following EXCEPT: Provide a copy of the police report to the insurer.
All of the following are true of a broad coverage form EXCEPT: No minimum amount of insurance is required for the basic form.
Coverage not provided without endorsement on a DP-1/Basic is: Coverage E
All of the following are general exclusions to the HO 3 policy except: Loss Assessment
Under property coverage, which of the following is covered under coverage A? Dwelling
Under Section 1 Condition - Loss Settlement, which of the following formulas is used to determine payment to an insured in the event of a loss? Insurance carried, divided by the insurance required, times the loss, minus the deductible, equals the loss payment.
Which of the following is NOT an option of the California Residential Property Insurance Disclosure Statement? Fair Market Value Cost Coverage
In property coverage, what is specifically covered under coverage B? other structures/ separate structures at the same location, such as garages, sheds and birdhouses on the described location that are separated from the dwelling by a clear space or connected only by a fence or utility line.
Which is not a liability endorsement on the HO forms? Mobilehome
Coverage D, loss of use, depends on which of the following for a limit of insurance to be applied? How much coverage is placed on the dwelling?
According to Section II of the Homeowners policy (selected homeowners endorsements), which of the following is true of the mobile home endorsement? The mobile home is considered the dwelling being insured when it is endorsed on the policy.
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