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English 9

The Call of the Wild vocabulary

Inseperable not able to be seperated.
sated To make tired or disgusted by giving more than enough
insular cut off; isolated
instantaneous happening without delay; immediate
surcharged to fill or load beyond normal
Pent kept in; shut up
Consignment shipment
ruction an uproar; disturbance
revelation something remarkable that is made known
uncowed not timid or afraid
latent present but not visible or developed
weazened to weaze; dried up
pervaded to spread throughout
appeasingly to gain someones favor by doing pleasing acts
misdeamnors a minor crime
placatingly to soothe the anger of; give into
incarnation the visible form of a quality or idea
prowess extraordinary ability or skill
ignominiously shameful; disgraceful
dispatches to finish quickly
passiveness not active; lacking in energy
fastidiousness difficult to please; critical
malingerer a person who pretends to be sick to avoid work
draggled to make wet and dirty by dragging on the ground
slavered to slobber or to drool
pre-eminently surpassing others; outstanding
prosterate lying flat
covert secret; disguised
insidious working in a slow, subtle, and harmful way
precipitate to cause
rampant wild; not controlled
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