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Test 9 LA Vocab

Perpatrait Commit
Consumate Complete
Subterfuge Trick
Concoct Devise
Fallacious Misleading
To draw one's horns To check your anger
Manifold Complex
Assidiuous Devoted
Impeccable Faultless
Fraught Worried
Resourceful Able to meet any situation
To put the cart before the horse To do things backwards
Murky Dark
Component Element
Hoax Deception
Labrynith Maze
Evaluate Appraise
To turn the tables To turn a disadvantage into an advantage
Exult Rejoice greatly
Attest To certify
Gullible Easily trickable
Deploy To position forces according to a plan
Enigma Riddle
A chip of the old block A son like his father
Abortive Fruitless, useless
Modify To change
Accomodate To make fit
Spontaneous Unrehearsed
Innate Natural
Under the wire Just in time
Veneer Thin covering
Myraid Countless number
Urbane Polished, witty
Crave To desire
Irrelevant Not related to the subject
To be at large Not in jail
Deem Believe
Inherent Inborn
Buff A fan
Romp To move in a lively manner
Latent Lying, hidden
To go against the grain to irritate
Tortuous Winding
Itinerant Wandering
Pregrination Travel
Conjugal Relating to marrige
Barometer Instrument for measuring change
To wink at To pretend not to see
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