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GCSE Post-16

GCSE Spanish Post-16 Education

a solas on one's own
acabar de + infinitive to have just
adecuado/a adequate, decent
aislado/a isolated
al final de at the end of
apetecer to appeal
aprender to learn
aprendizaje apprenticeship
así que so
avanzado/a advanced
el bachillerato A-Levels
bien pagado/a well paid
claro of course
conseguir to get, to manage, to achieve
considerar to consider
deber to owe
demostrar to show, demonstrate
devolver to give back, to pay back
disfrutar to enjoy
el arte art
el beneficio benefit
el consejo advice
el descanso break
el folleto leaflet
el mundo laboral world of work
el repaso revision
el resultado result
el título (university) degree
el/la graduado/a graduate
escoger to choose
esperar to wait for, to hope, to expect
estar a punto de to be about to
estar harto/a de to be fed up with
estar obsesionado/a con to be obsessed with
feo/a ugly
furioso/a furious
ganar to earn, to win, to gain
hacerse miembro to become a member
horroroso/a dreadful
imaginar to imagine
inquietar to worry, to concern
inútil useless
la calidad quality
la carrera (universitaria) university course, career
la desventaja disadvantage
la edad age
la experiencia laboral work experience
la habilidad skill, ability
la promoción promotion
la residencia de estudiantes student residence
la sociedad society
la ventaja advantage
lejos de far from
mejor better, best
mundo world
necesitar to need
ofrecer to offer
olvidarse to forget
pedir prestado to borrow
pedir to ask for
peor worse, worst
poco a poco bit by bit
por otra parte on the other hand
preocupar to worry, to be concerned
recoger to pick up, to collect
relacionarse con to relate to, to get on with
repasar to revise
seguir + gerund to carry on ...ing
seguir to follow
seguro/a sure
tan pronto como as soon as
todavía still
tomar un año libre to take a year out
vale la pena it's worth it, it's worthwhile
Created by: alg_modlangs