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Unit 8 Spanish 2

Los desafios mundiales

el peligro danger
el medioambiente environment
la conciencia conscience
la contaminación contamination
el residuo residue
el objetivo goal
el desarrollo development
la falta lack
el cambio climático climate change
la paz peace
el líder leader
la justicia justice
la iniciativa initiative
el desastre disaster
ambos both
el recurso resource
el nivel level
responsable responsible
renovable renewable
indiferente indifferent
mundial worldwide
desechable throw away
sostenible sustainable
disponible available
alcanzar to reach
apoyar to support
arreglar to fix
asistir to attend
conformar to make up
contrastar to contrast
contribuir to contribute
combatir to combat
comenzar to start
echar to throw out
comparar to compare
erradicar to eradicate
dañar to damage
depender to depend
destruir to destroy
disminuir to decrease
garantizar to guarantee
involucrar to involve
llamar la atención to call attention
ocurrir to occur
promover to promote
rescatar to rescue
romper to break
salvar to save
tener en cuenta to keep in mind
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