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WU 19-24

Brenham Eng III Warm ups 19-24

subservient submissive; obedient; useful or of service, especially as a subordinate
rudiments a fundamental principle, rule, or step; an early or undeveloped form or stage or something
gibes to make mocking remarks; to jeer; to scoff at; a derisive remark;a taunt
bumptious conceited and arrogant; crudely and unpleasantly forward
repartee a quick witty reply or retort; skill in making clever, witty replies
consonant in agreement; accord, harmony; any letter of the alphabet that is not a vowel
satiate to satisfy an appetite fully; to provide with more than enough; to glut
sanction authorized permission or approval; a step taken by a country to force another country to obey international law; to confirm, approve, or permit officially
vivacious animated; lively; spirited; sprightly
cited to quote; to mention by way of example or proof; to commend for bravery in an official report; to summon before a court
comely having a pleasant appearance; attractive; suitable
miscreant a villain; an evildoer; criminal; evil
flaunt to show off; to display oneself proudly or conspicuously
erroneous false; mistaken; incorrect
decadence a process, condition, or period of decline or decay; deterioration; moral decay
stereotypes a generalized, oversimplified view or opinion that members of a group rigidly apply to a thing, an idea, or another group
pretentious claiming an undeserved distinction; affectedly grand
ostentatious too showy; done in an overly elaborate way to attract attention
hypercritical too severe in judgment
irascible easily angered; given to outburst of temper; irritable
bumptious arrogant, conceited, egotistic, obnoxious, pushy
cited excerpt, extract, mention, name, recite, refer to
consonant akin, alike, compatible, similar
gibes ridicule, derision, jeer, joke, sarcasm
repartee answer, comeback, humor, irony, retort
rudiments basics, foundation, heart, principles
sanction approval, assent, consent, support
satiate content, fill, gratify, indulge
subservient docile, ignoble, servile, submissive
vivacious active, alert, cheerful, happy, upbeat
comely attractive, becoming, handsome, nice, pleasing, pretty
decadence corruption, decline, degradation, evil downfall
erroneous amiss, awry, false, inaccurate, mistaken
flaunt advertise, air, boast, display, reveal, parade
hypercritical critical, demanding, faultfinding, nit-picking, persnickety
irascible cranky, cross, feisty, irritable, touchy, uptight
miscreant corrupt, criminal, reprobate, vicious, wicked
ostentatious assuming, exaggerated, ornate, flashy
pretentious boastful, extravagant, flamboyant, pretentious, pompous
stereotypes formula, mold, pattern, convention, custom
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