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2 Verbs Level 1 & 2

2 Avancemos Verb Vocabulary from Level 1 & Level 2 Units 1-5

acabar de + infinitive to have just done something
abordar to board
acampar to camp
acostarse (o-ue) to go to bed
afeitarse to shave
ahorrar to save (money)
alisarse el pelo to straighten one's hair
almorzar (o-ue) to eat lunch
alquilar to rent
amar to love
andar to ride
apagar la luz to turn off the light
arreglarse to get ready
aterrizar to land
ayudar to help
bailar to dance
bajar to go down
bañarse to take a bath
batear to bat
bucear to scuba dive
buscar to look for
calentar (e-ie) to heat
caminar to walk
cantar to sing
casarse to get married
cazar to hunt
celebrar to celebrate
cenar to eat dinner
cepillarse to brush
cepillarse los dientes to brush one's teeth
cerrar (e-ie) to close
cocinar to cook
comenzar (e-ie) to begin, start
comprar to buy
conectar to connect
confirmar to confirm
contar (o-ue) to tell
contestar to answer
cortar to cut
cortarse el pelo to cut one's hair
cortar el césped to cut the grass
costar (o-ue) to cost
cruzar to cross
cuidar to take care of
dar to give
darle de comer al perro/gato to feed the dog/cat
dar una caminata to go hiking
decorar to decorate
dejar to leave (a thing/object)
desayunar to eat breakfast
descansar to rest
despertarse (e-ie) to wake up
dibujar to draw
doblar to turn
ducharse to take a shower
empezar (e-ie) to begin, start
encantar (2 forms) to really like
encontrar (o-ue) to find
enfriar to cool
enseñar to teach
entrenarse to train
escuchar to listen
esperar to wait for
esquiar to ski
estar (HELP) to be
estar enamorado/a de... to be in love with...
estar de vacaciones to be on vacation
estar de moda to be in style
estar empatado to be tied
estornudar to sneeze
estudiar to study
facturar el equipaje to check one's luggage
ganar to win, to earn
gastar to waste
gustar (2 forms) to like
hablar to talk, speak
importar (2 forms) to be important, matter
interesar (2 forms) to be interested in
invitar to invite
jugar (u-ue) to play (games or sports)
jugar (u-ue) en equipo to play on a team
lavar to wash
lavarse to wash oneself
levantar to lift
levantarse to stand up
limpiar to clean
llamar to call
llegar to arrive
llevar to wear
llorar to cry
mandar unas tarjetas postales to send postcards
manejar to drive
maquillarse to put on makeup
mezclar to mix
mirar to watch, look at
mirarse to look at oneself
montar to ride
montar a caballo to ride a horse
nadar to swim
navegar to navigate (surf the internet)
necesitar to need
nevar (e-ie) to snow
olvidar to forget
pagar to pay
pasar to pass
pasar la aspiradora to vacuum
pasar por la aduana to go through customs
pasar por seguridad to go through security
pasear to go for a walk
patinar to skate
patinar en línea to in-line skate
peinarse to comb one's hair
pelear to fight
pensar (e-ie) to think
pescar to fish
pintar to paint
pintarse el pelo to color one's hair
planchar to iron
practicar to practice
preguntar to ask
preparar to prepare
probar (o-ue) la comida to taste the food
probarse (o-ue) la ropa to try on clothes
quedar to be located, stay, fit (clothing)
quedarse to stay
quemar to burn
quitar la mesa to clear the table
quitarse to take something off
rebajar el precio to lower the price
recomendar (e-ie) to recommend
regatear to bargain
regresar to return
remar to row
rizarse el pelo to curl one's hair
sacar to take out
sacar la basura to take out the trash
saltar to jump
secarse to dry oneself
terminar to finish
tocar to play (music or instruments)
tomar to take
tomar el sol to sunbathe
trabajar to work
transformar to transform
usar to use
usar las máquinas para hacer ejercicio to use the exercise machines
viajar to travel
visitar to visit
abrir to open
añadir to add
aprender to learn
barrer to sweep
batir to beat
beber to drink
caerse to fall down
comer to eat
comer al aire libre to eat outside, picnic
compartir to share
competir (e-i) to compete
comprender to understand
conocer to know (person, place, or thing)
construir to build
correr to run
creer to believe
decir (e-i) to say or tell
doler (o-ue / 2 forms) to hurt, ache
dormir (o-ue) to sleep
dormirse (o-ue) to fall asleep
encender (e-ie) la luz to turn on the light
entender (e-ie) to understand
envolver (o-ue) to wrap
escribir to write
freír to fry
hacer to do or make
hacer la cama to make the bed
hacer cola to get in line
hacer ejercicio to exercise
hacer escala en to stop over in (travel)
hacer la maleta to pack a suitcase
hacer una excursión to go on a day trip
hacer una parrillada to have a barbecue
hacer un viaje to take a trip
hacer el surf de vela to go wind surfing
hacer una reservación to make a reservation
hacer un crucero to go on a cruise
hacer esquí acuático to go water skiing
hacer moto acuática to go jet skiing
hacer un aro to make a basket
hervir (e-ie) to boil
ir to go
ir de vacaciones to go on vacation
leer to read
llover (o-ue) to rain
mantenerse (e-ie) en forma to stay in shape
meter un gol to score a goal
morir (o-ue) to die
ofrecer to offer
pedir (e-i) to ask for, order
pedir (e-i) una rebaja to ask for a lower price
perder (e-ie) to lose
perder (e-ie) peso to lose weight
poner to put
poner la mesa to set the table
ponerse to put something on
recibir to receive
preferir (e-ie) to prefer
querer (e-ie) to want
saber to know (facts or information)
salir to go out
seguir (e-i) una dieta balanceada to follow a balanced diet
seguir (e-i) derecho to keep going straight
ser (TODO) to be
ser de... to be made of...
servir (e-i) to serve
sorprender to surprise
subir to go up
subir a to go on
subir de peso to gain weight
tener to have
tener ... años to be ... years old
tener hambre to be hungry
tener sed to be thirsty
tener suerte to be lucky
tener razón to be right
tener miedo de... to be afraid of...
tener frío to be cold
tener calor to be hot
tener prisa to be in a hurry
tener sueño to be sleepy
tener celos to be jealous
tener ganas de + infinitive to feel like doing something
tener que + infinitive to have to do something
toser to cough
traer to bring
vender to sell
venir to come
ver to see
vestirse (e-i) to get dressed
vivir to live
volver (o-ue) to return
ir a + infinitive to be going to do something
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