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Word Roots Set 12

9th Grade Word Roots Set 12

a- away, from; not, without
dys- bad. badly
hyper- over, above
in- in, into, not
felic- pleasing, happy, suitable
troph- nourish
it-ation an action or process
-ic like, related to
-ity state, quality, act
it-ous having the quality of
-y state of, quality, act; body, group
atrophy to waste away or decrease in size (as of a body part or tissue)
dystrophy any degenerative disorder resulting from inadequate or faulty nutrition
felicity pleasing and appropriate manner; happiness
hypertrophy excessive growth or enlargement of a body part or organ
infelicitous unsuitable; inappropriate
trophic of or relating to nutrition
af- to, toward, against
ef- out
re- back, again
flu/fluc/flux flowing
i-al like, related to; an action or process
tu-ation an action or process
-ence/ency state, quality, act
-ent one ho, that which, related to
affluence an abundance of material wealth
effluent flowing outward or forward
fluctuation variation in level, degree; constant change
fluency effortless expression
influential having a great deal of power to change something
influx the arrival of a large number of people or things
reflux a backward flow
Created by: jenafi
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