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ESL - Tommy Bk. 5

gloves you wear these on your hands to keep them warm
replied answered
gently very softly
brought took something somewhere
buttons round things used to fasten a shirt or coat
cloud a white vapor in the sky
smoke black cloud that comes from a fire burning
shouted talked very loud
behind at the back of something
hooted a sound that an owl makes
knocked hit on a door when you want to go in
reindeer an animal with antlers
petted rubbed gently on an animal's fur
huddled got close together to get warm
trimmed decorated a tree
whispered talked very softly
believe have faith in something
coal small round, black substance
gathered collected; brought together
borrowed used something that belongs to someone and returned
handsome very nice looking
instant at once; right away
downstairs on the first floor of a house
envelope a paper container to put a letter
photograph a picture
Created by: nhufft55