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Vocabulary week 1

Chapter and Review

Analogy A similarity between two like features of two things
Hyperbole Obvious and international exaggeration.
Ebullient cheerful and full of energy
Verbose Characterized by the use of many or to many words. Wordy
Neophyte A beginner or novice. A person converted to belief as a healthy heretic or nonbeliever
Maladroit Lacking in adroitness, unskillful, awkward, clumsy
Intractable Not easily controlled or directed, not manageable, stubborn
Gambol To skip about as in dancing or playing
Facade Outward appearance of building or fake person
Dearth An inadequate supply; scarcity; lack of
Celerity Swiftness; speed
Acrimony Sharpness, harshness or bitterness of nature, speech or disposition
Oxymoron Jumbo shrimp
Onomatopoeia Boom, Splash!!
Thespian Noun. actor
Usurp Verb. To siege and hold by force or without legal right
Personification The mountain stood, shoulder to shoulder.
Idiom Words when we say them literal meaning makes no sense Ex: It’s raining cats and dogs
Gerund Adding ing Turning into a noun
Participle Ending in ing
Apostrophe When speaker addresses something that is not there or can’t talk back Uses O’ or oh
Diffident Lacking in confidence in one’s own ability, worth; timid; shy
Grandiose Affectedly grand or important
Hedonistic Looking for pleasure, pursuing
Lament To feel or express sorrow or regret; morn
Ostensible Outwardly appearing as such; professed; pretended
Paucity Smallness of quantity; scarcity; lack
Soporific Causing or tending to cause sleep
Temerity Reckless, boldness and rashness
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