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Vocab. Word For Math

A-C of Mr.Winfree Words for Math

Alternate interior angles when two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, two angles between the lines and on opposite sides of the transversal
Analyze to separate a thing into parts
Angle two rays that meet a common endpoint
Approximate to estimate a value which is not exact but close enough to be of use
Arithmetic sequence sequence of numbers where a number is added or subtracted each time
Associative property sum or product of a set of numbers is the same, no matter how they are grouped
Base 1) the side or face a 3-D shape stands; 2) a quantity which is raised to a power
Box-and-whisker plot box indicating the middle 50% of the ranked statistics and the maximum/minimum of data
Circle all points equidistant from a fixed point (center)
Circle graph display of data using a circle divided into slices
Circumference distance around a circle (pi times diameter)
Commutative property rule which states that you may add or multiply in any order
Compare to give similarities and differences
Complementary angles angles whose sum is 90 degrees
Composite number number with more than two factors
Concave polygon polygon that has an interior angle greater than 180 degrees
Cone solid consisting of a circular base and one vertex
Congruent figures with the same size and shape
Contrast to give differences
Convex polygon polygon that has no interior angle greater than 180 degrees
Coordinate plane two-dimensional figure containing horizontal and vertical axes
Coordinates ordered pair of numbers that describes a point on a coordinate graph
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