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Stems List 12

Mrs.Neese: Stems List 8-12

Dict Say
Dis Apart
In/Im Not
Thermo Heat
Lin Line
Cred Believe
Flu/Flux Flow
Quint Five
Kilo Thousand
Reg Rule
Mech Machine
Narr Tell
Sol Alone
Scend Climb
Astro Star
Chron Time
Semi Half
Hydro Water
Aqua Water
Helio Sun
Hetero Different
Neo New
Sub Under
Amo/Ami Love
Firm Securely Fixed
Mater/Matri Mother
Pater/Patri Father
Omni All
Mot Move
Mem Remember
Gress Step
Som Body
Labor Work
Myo Muscle
Spor Seed
Caco Bad
Cogn Know
Se Apart
Ad To
Syn/Sym Together
Con/Com Together
Counter/Contra Against
Chlor Green
Clud Close
Inter Between
Post After
Dorm Sleep
Meso Middle
Milli Thousandth
Radi Ray
Oscu Mouth
Andro Man
Brev Short
Hyper Over
Equi Equal
Auto Self
Potent Power
Log Word or Reason
Surg Rise
Hum Earth
Octa Eight
Bon Good
Struct Build
oo Egg
Pneumo Lung
Fiss Split
Cumu Heaped
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