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-isms & realism

-isms & realism coywalley

rationalism the belief that humans can arrive at the truth by using reason rather than relying on the authority of the past,on religious faith of intuition in the revolutionary period
romantisism a revolt against rationalism that affected literature & other parts of the arts ,beginning in the late 18th century & continuing through out most of the 19th century
transcendentalism a 19th century movement in the romantic traditions which held that every individual can reach ultimate truth through spiritual intuition which transcends reason and sensory expenses
realism a style of writing developed in the 19th century that attempts to depict life as it really is without idealism or Romanticizing it 1861-1914
naturalism a 19th century movement that was an extension of realism and that claimed to portray life as if it were being examined exactly through a scientists microscope
Created by: coywalley17