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spanish mod 2

what is el dibujo art
la asignatura subject
mas que more than
menos que less than
en mi instituto hay in my school there is
un comedor canteen
un campo de football football pitch
explica bien explains well
trabajador hard working
listo clever
tonto stupid
nos pone muchos deberes gives us lots of homework
tengo que llevar I have to wear
una camisa a shirt
una corbata a tie
unos calcetines socks
unas medias tights
bonito pretty
feo ugly
comodo comfortable
incomodo uncomfortable
no se permite you are not allowed
comer chicle to chew gum
usar el movil en clase to use your phone in class
normalemente voy andando al instituto normally I walk to school
toco la trompeta I play the trumpet
canto en el coro I sing in the choir
ajedrez chess
periodismo reporter
lectores reading
fotografia photography
para mi for me
muy divertidas very fun
te dan they give you
mas confianza more confidant
un torneo a tournament
I play / I've been playing the trumpet . . . toco la trompeta . . .
I sing / I've been singing in the choir . . . canto en el coro . . .
I go / I've been going to the . . . club voy al club de . . .
I am / I've been a member of the . . . club soy miembro del club de . . .
chess ajedrez
reporters periodismo
reading lectores
eco-schools ecoescuela
gané un trofeo I won a trophy
toque un solo I got a solo
voy a I'm going to
Created by: 15sbane