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36 - Verb Words


desaparecer to disappear; to go missing;
acampar to camp (take lodge outdoors)
deslizarse to slide
desmayarse to faint
discrepar to disagree
focalizar to focus;
hacer la colada to do the laundry
migrar to migrate
sollozar to sob (weep)
acabarse to run out
anunciarse to be advertised (to be publicized)
jubilarse to retire
conducirse to behave (act)
ponerse to put on; wear; to apply something on skin
apagar (1) to turn off; to switch off (a device)
aprobar (2) to pass (an exam)
arrastrar to drag (something)
bendicir to bless (someone)
bombear to pump (something)
coser to sew (to stitch together)
descifrar to decipher (to able to read or decode)
abonar to pay (someone)
alardear de to boast about (something)
eximir to exempt;
fulminar to strike; to strike down (something)
hacer clic en to click on (something)
hacer falta (1) to need (something)
hacer falta (2) to miss (someone or something)
hacer frente to face with; to deal with (soemthing)
lastimar to hurt (someone)
mandar to order (someone to do something)
percibir perceive
pretender (2) to expect (someone to do something)
procurar to try to make sure; to try your hardest
remachar to hammer home (to emphasize)
robar to steal; to rob
saquear to loot (to sack or plunder)
soler to use to
soltar to let go of (something)
sopesar to evaluate or consider; to weigh options;
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