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WriteOnVoc 5,6,7,8,9

Decide if the vocabulary words are use correctly (true) or incorrectly (false).

The child's mother was frantic when her son wandered away from her in the grocery store. frantic - true
After hearing the student's dubious excuse for why he was not prepared, the teacher looked relieved. I believe she felt the excuse was valid. dubious - false
Sandy is always mean and gregarious. gregarious - false
His anger and yelling only served to incite a confrontation. incite - true
Sandy's expressions of gratitude for my help in preparing her for the exam were effusive. Her appreciation was unmistakable. effusive - true
Watching my grandmother worry about getting the results of her blood tests made me sad. I could tell her fears were assuaged. assuaged - false
Owls in the forest are very elusive. elusive - true
I explained the reason it was not a good idea to go swimming where the riptides are so strong. The obviously obtuse boy thanked me for the warning. obtuse - false
Her reason for not wanting to go to the party seemed obscure. I clearly understood why she would not want to go. obscure - false
When a decision turns out to be a bad decision, I sometime feel my brain must be entirely vacuous for me not to have seen the obvious reasons I should have avoided the problem. vacuous - true
The man's conciliatory comments eased my anger after he insulted my friend. conciliatory - true
The pond is teeming with fish, making it very hard to resist the temptation to wet a fishing line and bring home fish for dinner. teeming - true
I am glad my parents are vacillating about their decision to let me get a car! I am so excited that a car is definitely coming my way. vacillating - false
There are many places in the world where citizens are not treated with humane practices. It is comforting to know governments will treat their people so well. humane - false
The man was apathetic about what was happening on the playing field. Winning the game was all he cared about that afternoon. apathetic - false
The girl sneered at the younger students in a very condescending tone, treating them as if she was in charge and they were her servants. condescending - true
She laughed at the mental image of her teacher looking like a squawking goose. The metaphor made her laugh at the thought of a goose teaching high school. metaphor - false
The student's humor could be funny, but sometimes his facetious comments about serious issues was annoying and seemed inappropriate. facetious - true
There was much gesticulating going on during the pep rally dance off on Friday, both on the gym floor and in the crowd! gesticulating - true
School is a place where students constantly grapple with ideas and with one another for understanding, popularity, and knowledge. grapple - true
My friend said, "I only message those who do not message." He seemed unaware that this statement is a paradox. paradox - true
A great story allows a reader to vicariously enjoy places and adventures one would never be able to experience for himself or herself. vicariously - true
The local man who ran from the wreck and did not attempt to rescue the child from the burning car was revered throughout the state for his selfishness. revered - false
The opulent house seemed entirely fitting in the midst of an area where poverty was the norm. opulent - false
As the students entered the room, anticipating the test that was coming, it was clear they were pessimistic about the outcome. The suggestion to study hard was evidently taken seriously and they were prepared! pessimistic - false
The shy student demurely raised her hand. It surprised the whole class when she cautiously answered the question with an insightful but brief response. demurely - true
It was difficult to feel sympathy in the midst of the man's maudlin attitude and behavior when he had been so hard and cruel to others before he was caught and held accountable for his actions. maudlin- true
My lucrative grass-cutting business has been a disappointment. I was sure I would be able to turn a profit. lucrative - false
The virulent behavior of the angry mob was frightening. virulent - true
My friend is a benevolent soul. She goes out of her way to help everyone she meets. benevolent - true
Winning the state championship was a travesty we aspired to the whole season! travesty - false
The woman's contemptuous behavior was refreshing in a time when kindness seems scarce. contemptuous - false
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